Year: 2011

Updated app: MDS

I’ve updated the MDS app to include the new (though not validated) t-MDS prognostic score as presented by Quintás-Cardama in ASH 2011 When incorporated into the multivariate model, we identified 7 factors that independently predicted survival: age (≥65yrs vs

New module: Performance scales

I have added a new module, Performance scales, to the General section of this site. The app is a reference for commonly employed Performance scales/scores used in oncology: Karnofsy score, ECOG (also known as WHO or Zubrod scores), Lansky scores

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New module: Carboplatin

Added a Carboplatin dose calculator in the Oncology section. The app will generate doses according to actual weight, ideal body weight and adjusted body weight. It also computes the creatinine clearance, body surface area, body mass index in the result

Updated home page

The home page of the site has been updated with instructions on navigation using the mobile theme as well as tips on how to save your app as a short cut in the home screen. Saving your app as a

A new beginning

I’ve left OncoPDA in hibernation for some time but I am reviving it now. The focus is still on web apps for Hematology and Oncology but the apps will be designed to run on webkit compatible browsers (those found in